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Yacht Charter Ionian

Yacht Charter Guide in the Ionian Sea

The Ionian Sea combines the beauty of Greece with a unique Venetian flavor due to its proximity to Italy. It is a place that evokes mythic grandeur. These waters are among the most beautiful in the region and offer the best sailing in all of the Mediterranean, with clear blue skies and afternoon breezes. A yacht charter in the Ionian Sea is the best way to experience the most amazing food, fascinating history and stunning scenery.

Island Hopping

The Ionian Islands are located off the coast of mainland Greece. They run from the Adriatic basin to the Peloponnese. A yacht charter in the Ionian is ideal for island hopping. From the cosmopolitan Corfu to the paradise islands of Paxos and Antipaxos, the Greek Caribbean. Lefkas with the famous worldwide beaches of Porto Katsiki and Egremni, Ithaka, famous as the most remarkable island of Greek mythology and the Homeland of the hero Odysseus. Kefalonia with its scenic beaches, breathtaking landscapes, and bustling Zakynthos to the tranquil Kithira.

Luxury Yacht Charter Ionian | Yacht Charter Ionian | BFG Yachting
Luxury Yacht Charter Ionian | Yacht Charter Ionian | BFG Yachting

Cruise Along the Mainland

Yacht charter holidays in the Ionian Sea also offer an excellent opportunity to cruise along mainland Greece. Two of the most popular and beautiful areas on the mainland across from Corfu are the Syvota group of islands, where blue meets green, pine trees, cypresses and olive groves sprawl down and the colorful and historical Parga, a bustling medieval town full of shops, cafes and restaurants.

Luxury Yacht Charter Services

The Ionian yacht chartering season runs from April through October, just like the rest of the Mediterranean. The summer season between July and August is the hottest and often has strong winds. The ideal months to charter a yacht in Ionian is April, May, September and October.

Our yacht charter fleet in Ionian provides options for any imaginable luxury yacht charter, offering superb accommodation, attentive crews and the best cuisine that meets the highest standards regardless of the yacht, motor or sail size.

Luxury Yacht Charter Ionian | Yacht Charter Ionian | BFG Yachting

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