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Winter Maintenance /
Berth Reservation

Wintering in Greece

We believe in the importance of implementing a proactive maintenance schedule to safeguard your vessel from deterioration during the winter months. Below, we outline our recommended winter works, a standard procedure for all vessels under our management.

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Maintenance Services

We understand the unique needs of each yacht, and our team is adaptable to tailor this list to meet your specific requirements. Our seasoned Maintenance and Valeting teams, with years of collective experience, collaborate with you to identify additional needs.

  • Hydro-blast for hull and metallic parts during hauling
  • Exterior cleaning and machine cleaning with fresh water
  • Engine room cleaning and maintenance
  • Hull scrubbing
  • Cleaning of metallic parts (Helms, Brackets, Flaps, Propellers)
  • Hull cleaning with chemical products after scrubbing
  • Hull primer (if necessary)
  • Antifouling for hull and metallic parts
  • Anti-osmosis treatment (if necessary)
  • Anodes’ replacement
  • Propeller polishing
  • General polishing
  • Teak repairs (washing, cleaning, replacement of damaged Sikaflex)
  • Fiberglass repairs and restorations
  • Crack repairs
  • Varnish (polyurethane) and Gel-Coat application
  • Chain and capstan motor repair or replacement
  • Windscreen wiper (and motor) replacement
  • Pillows, covers, tents cleaning (replacement or repair when necessary)
  • Inner space biological cleaning (WC, Bridge front, Bilge, Filters, Valves, Pumps)
  • Tender base installation and other related jobs
  • Any type of polyester repairs (Mirror reinforcement, new polyester boxes)

Berth Reservation

Secure your preferred berth effortlessly with BFG Yachting, offering reservation services across a spectrum of marinas in Greece. From the renowned luxurious establishments to the lesser-known gems within the global yachting community, we cater to your short or long-term berth needs.
Whether you’re planning a stay at the most popular ports or exploring off-the-beaten-path marinas, we’ve got you covered. Cruising through Greek waters? Simply email or fax us your yacht’s registry and insurance certificate, and we’ll ensure your overnight mooring is booked at your chosen port or private marina before you arrive.

Yacht Agency Greece | Yacht Agency Services | BFG Yachting

Why Greece

With numerous marinas available at various rates, all easily accessible, Greece’s mild winter, boasting around 340 sunny days per year and an average annual temperature of 27 degrees Celsius, makes it an ideal year-round destination.

Enjoy seamless access with approximately 200,000 flights per year from Athens airport, ensuring convenient connections to the islands throughout the year.


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