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Yacht Charter Mykonos

Yacht Charter Guide in Mykonos

Mykonos is located in the Cyclades group in the Aegean Sea and is one of the most popular destinations in the world. Its picturesque villages and towns, crystal-clear water, and incredible nightlife have drawn in travelers from all over the globe. It is a place of amazing contradictions, where mythology and history, tradition, modernity, and modernity co-exist perfectly. Mykonos is a great yacht charter destination that all ages can enjoy.

Mykonos Chora

Chora is also known as Mykonos, a Cycladic village built amphitheatrically and has narrow streets leading to it. The Cycladic architecture is evident in the town’s whitewashed cube houses, which contrast beautifully with the colorful wooden doors and windows. Walking is the best way to reach the heart of the town. This makes the stroll through the labyrinth streets especially enjoyable.

Luxury Yacht Charter Mykonos | Yacht Charter Mykonos | BFG Yachting
Luxury Yacht Charter Mykonos | Yacht Charter Mykonos | BFG Yachting

Local Charms

Yacht charter in Mykonos will allow you to avoid crowds and explore the island’s top attractions more privately. Ornos bay is an ideal location to anchor your yacht and use it as a base to explore the island. Psarrou, Elia beach and Kalo Livadi are three of Mykonos’s most beautiful and popular beaches. Another stunning bay is Agios Sostis. Super Paradise is the perfect place for anyone who wants to party all day. Nammos Restaurant at Psarou Beach is another popular spot on the island. Guests can enjoy a delicious meal, which will turn into an afternoon of partying and dancing.

Luxury Yacht Charter Services

A few miles from Mykonos lies the tiny island of Rineia. The islet can only be reached by boat and has stunning sandy beaches and clear water. You can snorkel in the turquoise waters, or walk the island and see the remains of an ancient Hellenistic settlement. The nearby island of Delos, is known as the birthplace of Apollo and contains some of Greece’s most important archaeological ruins.

The Cyclades offer a sanctuary for waterborne travelers with their steady winds and dramatic landscapes. Choose the best boat from our exclusive yacht charter in Mykonos and experience the best of the island.

Luxury Yacht Charter Mykonos | Yacht Charter Mykonos | BFG Yachting

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